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Punch through songs - SEO for songwriters

Punch through songs – SEO for songwriters

In our recently ended Q3 Course, The Art of Pitching Songs, we discussed a type of song called a “punch thru.”

A punch thru song is one that is remarkable enough to help the songwriter to “punch through” the awareness of a potential listener, and stick in their memory.

Sometimes a punch through song is a great song, but more often than not, it’s got a memorable gimmick, or funny punch line.

Think about many of the most simple pop songs you’ve heard on the radio Top 40 in the past. Those mega hit, repetitive, hooky songs that always bring the shrieking hoards to the dance floor… these are prime examples of punch through songs.

Punch thru songs are good for all career levels of songwriters, from seasoned pros to first timers.

Not only is a punch through song good because it’s memorable, but it’s also a helpful calling card if used wisely online.

Thanks to the internet, there is now an opportunity for creative professionals to use punch through songs as a form of virtual calling card in online search.

Most people have heard of SEO by now. That stands for search engine optimization. In simplest terms, SEO means that you have a plan for helping people to find you online.

In other words, you have thought about how people would likely search for you online, and have taken measures to create content that will help people to find your website should they type those things into the search engine.

For example, Songpreneurs started out as Songwriting and Music Business dot com. If you type songwriting and music business into your search bar, guess who comes up?

This demonstrates the power of search engine optimization to bring your natural customers to you online, even if they don’t know to look for you by name.

Using the power of your punch through song, you’re actually furthering your songwriting career because you’re helping to create a buzz of people talking about your remarkable song, and naturally a certain percentage of them will type your song lyrics into the search bar.

If you’ve done your job as a songwriter entrepreneur, you have just earned a new potential customer.

If you haven’t, then congratulations, you’ve just helped someone else gain a new customer based on the power of your remarkable song.

Got your attention now?

We’ll be talking all about punch through songs and how to write them at the Songpreneurs Songwriter Retreat online. Learn more and register here >>

Learn more about how to show up when people are looking for you online in our Brand You Workbook available on our shop here >>


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