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Getting Started Workbook

Book Description:

         Easy to read reference guide walks you through music publishing, copyrights, licensing, royalties, and Nashville specific practices from a songwriter’s point of view.  Learn the business side of songwriting so you can understand the jargon, practices and principles of getting your songs to work for you. 



  • To help songwriters understand how the music publishing industry works so they can take care of it themselves, or partner with someone ethical to handle their publishing for them.


  • To foster habits that will lead to long-term success including: organization of song catalog, optimizing your material for pitching, and keeping good records for taxes and copyrighting.



  • To empower songwriters with the specialized knowledge and tools they need to build a sustainable career in the new music business.


About the author:        

Amanda Williams is a Grammy nominated songwriter and music business graduate with honors from Berklee College of Music, Boston.  Her songwriting experience spans a decade as an independent artist and a signed writer to Sony/ATV and Magic Mustang.  In 2010, she founded Hillbilly Culture LLC, the first Enhanced Music Publishing Company to help writers steward their copyrights.


Customer reviews:


“Amanda Williams is a captivating teacher with years of experience. She knows the ins and outs of the music business, from publishing and copyright to the art of songwriting and performing."  - Peter Roselli, COO Bluewater Music Services Corp.


"Amanda was able to explain complex topics such as copyright with ease! She covered aspects of music publishing and marketing more concisely in one hour than I’ve been able to glean from days and weeks of reading books on the same topics. She’s amazing!"

 — Carol Katterjohn - songwriter, member NSAI Indianapolis

Getting Started Workbook

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