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Songpreneurs is an online resource for songwriter entrepreneurs.  Our philosophy is that everyone can be a songwriter with the right materials, support and practice.


Developed by multiplatinum awarded songwriter and music publisher Amanda Colleen Williams, provides high quality educational materials, including innovative workbooks, classes, and video course modules.

Our proprietary curriculum is proven effective, and is used in conjunction with the United Stated Department of State in the Arts Envoy Intellectual Property Rights pilot program.

ECA Launches Arts Envoy IPR Amanda Colle
Amanda Colleen Williams

Founder & Director


Amanda is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum awarded song writer and music publisher based in Nashville, TN.  She holds a magna cum laude Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music with a focus on Music Business/Management, and is the owner of Hillbilly Culture LLC Music Publishing Company and Songpreneurs LLC.


Her co-write with Garth Brooks "She's Tired of Boys" is on Man Against Machine and The Ultimate Collection


As a touring speaker, educator and performer, in 2018 she helped launch the Arts Envoy IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) program with the United States Department of State.  Connect with Amanda on her official website here >

O: 615-720-8882

Songpreneurs LLC

P.O. Box 121195

Nashville, TN 37212

About Songpreneurs

Songwriter entrepreneurs


Songpreneurs are innovators.


We started out back in 2010 as a place to help songwriters figure out how to make real progress in the music industry.


Founder Amanda Colleen Williams had been writing for major publishers in Nashville for almost ten years, and had realized that the industry had changed - and that it was time to adapt.


Napster had blown the lid off the traditional music business's way of making money, but songwriters were largely trying to go about business as usual, sticking their heads in the sand or worse.

Writers were losing their staff writing deals, and were leaving town by the hundreds headed back home to seek stable jobs and other ways of making a living.

So instead of quitting, or accepting another dead end publishing deal making less and less money every year, Amanda put together a team of entrepreneurs and built the Music Publishing Company called Hillbilly Culture LLC.


We launched the first website back in December of 2010 under the name "Hillbilly Culture Club" and without advertising or soliciting, songwriters from all over the world started signing up to receive the individualized help offered by our innovative team.

Early logo from 2011 Hillbilly Culture Club, a global community of songwriters online.

Others soon followed, and by 2012 there were several new songwriter help sites available to allow songwriters access to the resources of Nashville based groups. 


This was all part of the plan, and helped to fulfill the mission of bringing quality songwriter education to aspiring songwriters around the world, and to bring an educated, motivated group of songwriters into the new millennium of music business.


We have been hunkered down doing the work.


Now, after 7 full years of working closely with small seed groups of songwriter entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their original artistry on their own terms, and providing them with the highest quality innovative services, we have re-launched the website to benefit an even greater number of people.

Because we have worked so closely with real songwriters like you, not only those who are just starting out, but also Grammy award winners and career professionals, we have been able to develop a proprietary system that pushes every songwriter to his or her personal measure of mastery and excellence.

Whether your goal is to write a song on a #1 Chart, or to simply finish a song, we have resources available to help you.

We care about you, because we believe that songwriting is one of the most important activities a person can do.  It's not only a way to make a living, or just some extra income - it's a way to communicate, to improve your mental and emotional health, and to share your knowledge and unique perspective with others.


Need help?  Want to be part of a growing community of skilled professionals working toward the same goals of sustainability and true innovation in the field of songwriting artistry?  Apply to join us today, sign up for an event, or pick up some of our articles or workbooks and get started making real progress toward your songwriting and music business future.

Get to work on the real goal - to create a sustainable career for yourself in the new millennium of music business while serving your community and family using your unique artistry. 


We can help.

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