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How the Conference Benefits You

How long are you going to wait to work on your music?

Even as a professional it can be hard to find time.

There’s a lot of factors that hold us back, including – time, family commitments, work, money, you name it.

But the biggest thing that holds most of us back is fear.

I watched my dad struggle with fear and work through all kinds of obstacles on his way to being a Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Member, including physical, emotional, financial and mental challenges.

I, too, have worked through my fair share of pain, fear and struggle – including being a single mom homeschooling twins and battling cancer along the road to becoming the 17 times multiplatinum awarded song writer that I am today.

Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about this year’s Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference.

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of people to develop the skills and the courage to go for their music dream.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Copyright Seminar 2019 Songpreneurs Songwriter Team Building Ice Breaker Workshop

People of all ages and walks of life have benefitted from this work, from 14 year old kids who have gone on to sign deals with major record companies and publishing houses all over Nashville, to copyright judges from 32 countries speaking 28 different languages, to retired veterans and professionals of all kinds.

They share stories with me about how working on their music with Songpreneurs has been valuable to their happiness and quality of life – even helped to improve their relationship with their kids and increased their sales at work from focusing on core principles we work every day in our programs.

Songpreneurs Songwriter Retreat Key West group picture November 2022

But we can’t all make the commitment to join the Songpreneurs Leadership Community yearly courses or travel to Nashville or Key West for a weekend songwriter retreat.

While that’s true - everyone can set aside enough time and resources to participate in our annual Conference event.

Most times over the past 12 years, we do the Conference in person, but this year, we’re focusing 100% of our effort in connecting with songwriters from around the globe in this one of a kind interactive online event.

You can participate in the three-day live event in person, or just get your ticket so that you can watch the video recordings in your spare time and participate in the online discussion forum during the weeks following.

If you are suffering from a financial crisis, get in touch with us at Songpreneurs HQ to work out a scholarship option to make your attendance possible.

In other words, there are no excuses for not taking advantage of this opportunity to work with the best development team available, backed by over 20 years of music business experience at the highest levels of the industry.

We can’t brag enough about our accomplishments, because we’re focused on you and making your dreams a reality through right vision, focus and follow through.

Where will you be in one year’s time?

Will you still be on the fence waiting on someone to discover you and give you an opportunity?

Or will you be enjoying the fruits of success from having taken charge and moved forward with the help of Songpreneurs and our proven development tools?

You’ve got the raw talent – you’ve got the desire – now take the steps you need to succeed.

For those signed up to our email newsletter, you have a promo code waiting for you in your inbox, or you can sign up now to make sure you don't miss out on the next one.

With no travel expenses or lodging, you can connect with one of the top performing independent songwriters in the country, and learn how to put principle based methods to work in creating your sustainable career in the new music business as a songwriter + entrepreneur = Songpreneurs.

I’m looking forward to working with you. Don’t wait. Sign up today.


Amanda Colleen Williams | Owner Songpreneurs LLC

17 platinum RIAA® awarded song writer | wrote She’s Tired of Boys with Garth Brooks | business owner | consultant


Watch a video to learn more about what to expect at the Conference here -


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