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Pat Flynn The Color of Sound | Songpreneurs Conference 2022

When I first sat down to learn from world class guitarist Pat Flynn, his first statement was simply -

“Every note has a color.”

Mind blown. 5 seconds into my lesson.

Pat proceeded to expand my musical horizons for the next hour about what a guitar chord pattern can do for a songwriter.

Starting with a familiar riff, he showed example after example of famous hit songs that used exactly that chord progression or variations with differing rhythms. I had heard these songs a million times and never noticed the similarity.


Then Pat showed me a repeating riff pattern using the whole guitar neck that challenges my fingers and strumming to this day.

That lesson took place more than five years ago, and the practicing of that riff has yielded dozens of new songs in my catalog since then.

This year at the Songpreneurs 12th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, we’ll all get to experience the joy and brilliance of maestro Pat Flynn, Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member, founding member of groundbreaking New Grass Revival (with bandmates John Cowan, Sam Bush and Bela Fleck), recording guitarist on dozens of multiplatinum records including for Garth Brooks and Randy Travis, and songwriter of Garth’s hit single “Do What You Gotta Do.”

Sign up for your in person or virtual conference pass here and take a quantum leap in your musicianship along with our fun Songpreneurs group Jun 22 – 25.

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