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Songpreneurs News | songwriting and music business entrepreneur

Hope everyone had a nice long break. Ready to jump back in to songwriting and music business entrepreneurship training?

Here’s the news -

Songpreneurs just wrapped up our successful 12th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference and our first hybrid (online and in person) event.

Pat Flynn and Tim May guitar masters

You can check our website blog and the socials for highlights, and in August, you’ll be able to purchase the conference workshop experience to enjoy from home with training, skills building and expert guidance on songwriting, music biz, guitar playing and more.

Tonight, July 5 is our first live online training for Q3 courses at Songpreneurs. The focus is commercial songwriting starting with dance music. Fun! See you at 6pm Central.

In the news, we’ve had an eventful few weeks.

The Copyright Royalty Board, the panel of Judges that sets our U.S. royalty rates we can charge for our original music, agreed that songwriters and music publishers need more $ when our music is streamed online.

They just rejected an appeal by Spotify trying to keep our rates down, and are in the process of giving us all a raise, billed as the biggest rate increase ever for songwriters and publishers.

We’ll keep an eye on this story and make updates as they roll out.

Also, Spotify streaming rival Deezer was able to enter the public stock marketplace. Keep an eye on that development to see how the French company views copyright holders and artists.

What news story caught your eye recently? Send us a note to Songpreneurs HQ and let us know what’s interesting in your neck of the woods.

Love, HQ


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