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Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference 2022 | about this event

Updated: May 25, 2022

We are proud to present to you this year’s 12th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference 2022.

Conference starts on Wednesday, June 22 with our Opening Reception at 5pm. We’ll mix and mingle with the other conference attendees, and have a fun evening of getting to know each other in The It City, Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A. – songwriter capital of the world.

Getting to know other songwriters and their families is the cornerstone of any solid music business career, and this fun opening night mixer is just the ticket.

Location for this evening mixer is for attendees and invited guests only. Sign up for our email newsletter for more announcements.

On Thursday, June 23, the Conference convenes at Songpreneurs HQ in West Nashville at the 7695 private events space.

Arrive as early as 9am to enjoy the beautiful grounds and coffee talk with fellow conference attendees.

10am we begin with Write Brain Song Crafting™, one of Songpreneurs’ cornerstone workshops taught by second generation hit songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams.

In this power packed session, everyone gets on the same page with our proprietary songwriting and co-writing approach to help you write better songs, faster, and enjoy the process of creative collaboration, a key success factor in almost every hit songwriter’s story.

You’ll get the chance to co-write with conference attendees, and get help from your mentor if you get stuck.

After our lunch break, we resume at 2pm with Vocal Training – Creekside. As songwriters, we’re writing songs for people to sing.

It’s a good idea to know at least a little bit about vocals, including tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your natural instrument.

Bring water shoes or Tevas if you want to splash around in the creek during this session.

4pm begins our Story and Song Circle, where we’ll get to know other attendees and guests as we build recognition of the group and our unique place within it.

6pm is closing time for the official Conference activities on Thursday. Join new friends at local Nashville music venues and eateries, and explore Music City Nightlife on your own.

Friday, June 24 finds us back at The 7695 for our 10am Round robin discussion Q&A about music business current events & copyright lecture drawn from our Getting Started the Right Way in the New Millennium of Music Business Workbook.

How can you know you’re making the right choices with your music business decisions? Who can you trust?

If you know the basic principles that underpin our music industry commodity, namely, the song’s copyright and how to employ it, then you don’t need to take anyone else’s word ever again. You can clearly see what is the right next step for you and your songs, even if that means going a different route than everyone else.

We’re all unique, and some of us have music that doesn’t fit in all the usual places. The key is to make your music, and to find the audience that wants to support you on that journey. It’s a lot easier than you think to get started the right way.

Even if you’re already in the thick of your songwriting and music business career, there is always something new to pick up with review and current events discussion. Attending this morning session is a good continuing education practice.

After lunch, 2pm is our Melody As Emotion – Write Brain Song Crafting™ Lab. This quarter in our Songpreneurs Leadership Community Melody Writing course, we have been looking at the intervals that make up our musical scales, learning to identify them in popular music.

In this afternoon session, we explore how melody is pulled from emotion – our own, and from others. How can you write better melodies? We’ll explore some melody writing techniques and practice them in this session.

At 3:30pm we shift into Song Swap – Revision and Suggestion Lab where you’ll get actionable advice on how to improve your song, or how to employ it, including the opportunity to pitch.

Attendees will all get personalized feedback on their songs and overall artistry from your instructor, including specific suggestions and recommendations on what you can do next to make progress toward your goals.

At 5pm we’ll head to Commodore Grille at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt for our 7pm Songpreneurs evening round featuring singer-songwriters from our group.

8pm the official conference events end. Enjoy the rest of your night on the town.

Saturday, June 25 is all about learning from our guest experts.

At 10am, grab your seats for a special session The Color of Sound by guitar virtuoso Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member Pat Flynn of ground breaking New Grass Revival fame. Prepare to be enthralled by this genius songwriter and musician whose credits include writer of Garth Brooks' "Do What You Gotta Do," and acoustic guitar player on Garth’s The Ultimate Hits, and Randy Travis’ Rise and Shine including “Three Wooden Crosses,” just to name a couple.

2pm starts our fun afternoon activity Guitar Gauntlet. Think you might have what it takes to be a studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee? Or maybe you just want to test your skills in a fun challenge? Play along as a picker or audience participation. Winner gets a prize – 1 acoustic master session with producer ACW at 522 Studio in Nashville, Tennessee ($2500 value).

Mr. Gruhn drew the logo himself

5pm is our Keynote Interview with the one and only Mr. George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn Guitars and – the man whose name is practically synonymous with guitars will be here with us talking about his incredible journey as a unique arts entrepreneur who is still making his individual mark on the music world.

At 7pm starts the Nashville Rounds Concert finale of the Conference. Attendees get one ticket included in their admission cost, and have the first opportunity to sign up to play in the open rounds.

Enjoy performances by Chris Steward, Nashville signed songwriter, Taylor Lewis, Texas Country signed artist, and Songpreneurs founder, Amanda Colleen Williams’ awarded one woman show, A Story of Love.

Nashville Late Night Rounds start at 9pm and the music and fun carry into the evening. Conference grounds close at 11:30pm. See you again next year!



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