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Cowriting – why it’s important

Sometimes songwriters don’t understand what’s the big deal about cowriting. Roger Miller famously asked, “Did Picasso co-paint?!”

Many writers love the solo writing experience, and hesitate to try their hand at cowriting.

However, once you try it, it’s one of the most fun experiences a songwriter can have. But, as fun experiences go, it can also be one of the most frustrating experiences on the planet.

As with most everything, it comes down to communication. When two writers are communicating and getting along, the creative process can be a joy. But when trying to write without establishing communication first, it can be a real nightmare.

What you need is a system of common terminology that everyone agrees to use as a framework for collaboration.

While there are as many different ways to write as there are people, there are certain things that all writers have in common, especially in the way the brain works.

The Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ provides a structure and a step by step system that can help you to get your thoughts down on paper quicker and more painlessly than you ever thought possible, and it works whether you’re writing alone or with a partner or two.

In business there’s a concept called a master mind group. This is a group of like minded people who actively work together to create creative solutions to business problems. It is documented that working with a team helps to generate more creative solutions to problems in less time than working alone. This same principle applies to your songwriting cowriting experience.

When you work with a cowriting partner who is trained in the same Write Brain Song Crafting Method™, you’re able to get onto the same page quickly, and almost effortlessly write a high quality song in two hours or less every time you sit down to try.

This alone demonstrates a huge improvement in creative output over most beginner’s experience, many of whom struggle for weeks or even months to finish a single song.

With the Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ and your fellow trained cowriters, you’ll be writing several songs a week, working toward that 10,000 hours of mastery where all opportunities come more easily.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for the upcoming Songpreneurs Songwriters Retreat online while there’s still space available and get started toward your songwriting mastery >>

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