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About the Write Brain Song Crafting Method™

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ is our proprietary system of teaching people how to write songs.

Whether you’re a brand new songwriter who has never written a song before, or someone who writes songs for a living, there’s a lot of fun to be had learning the Write Brain Song Crafting Method™.

Born through a process of discovery, the Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ is really just a description of the way most hit songwriters write their songs.

Most people are familiar with the right brain / left brain terminology popular in psychology. The gist of it is that the brain has different areas that specialize in different functions.

The right brain is the holistic side that sees the big picture. It’s adventurous, fun loving, risk taking and a little bit wacky.

The left brain is the opposite. It likes details, plays it safe, wants everything to be correct and orderly, and is a little bit of a stick in the mud.

When you take both those sides together, which is required to write a complete song, you can quickly see why the songwriting process is so difficult. You’re basically required to fight yourself to get your song down on paper.

The Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ helps you to avoid the battle by training you to focus on the appropriate brain function at the appropriate time in the writing process.

Also, thanks to over 20,000 hours experience in songwriting from two generations of multiplatinum awarded songwriters, attendees to our Write Brain Song Crafting Method™ workshops are privy to some special tricks of the trade that make it even easier to write a song, whatever method you use.

The scientifically backed research presented in the workshop also makes for some fine ah-ha! moments even for seasoned professionals. Spouses of hit writers also get more insight about why your sweetie-pie’s brain works the way it does.


Join us for the upcoming Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, or fill out the Learn More survey so we can reach out to you with the appropriate materials >>

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