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Songpreneurs Members Release New Music

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Congratulations to Songpreneurs members releasing new music this month!

Record store

These projects demonstrate the Songpreneurs model in action. Pairing songwriting mastery with an authentic artist expression leads to a natural brand that can be explored for career longevity.

Sometimes in today’s music world older voices are suppressed, because everyone in the industry seems to be looking for the next 15 year old super star.

That makes it even more important to take matters into your own hands sometimes to develop a sustainable career on your own terms.

Two of these upcoming releases are from gentlemen over 50, and we are proud to champion their unique contributions to the new music marketplace.

One release is by a young man named Taylor Lewis that we have been working with for many years, and who is coming out with his debut EP just in time for Christmas.

Check them out below, and if you’re so moved, purchase a physical copy, a digital album, or add them to your streaming playlists to help spread the word.


Taylor Lewis The Tree: A Texas Country Christmas

The Tree A Texas Country Christmas Cover

Taylor Lewis came up through the Texas Opry circuit, and earned his stage legs performing as a weekly headliner at the popular dance hall Cowboys Red River.

A die hard fan of Garth Brooks and Texas star Cody Johnson, the 23 year old Lewis is releasing his debut EP this Christmas, which features traditional classics including “Joy To the World” and a two step arrangement of “Silent Night.”

But the crown jewel of the project is an original song penned with Songpreneurs founder Amanda Colleen Williams called “The Tree” that was written in the tradition of legendary story song “Three Wooden Crosses.”

Look for the release coming November 23, or get tickets to the release party at Songpreneurs HQ The 7695 in Nashville, TN on November 24th here.

Connect with Taylor on his website to preorder the EP, and pre-save it in your playlist.


Tim Seay Sober: Whiskey Memories

Tim Seay Sober Whiskey Memories

Tim Seay was the all American kid, all-star athlete until he found himself sinking into a life of drug and alcohol addiction.

After hitting bottom [listen to "Murfreesboro Road"], Tim began the long road to recovery that eventually led him to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor.

Now about to celebrate 15 years clean and sober, Tim is releasing this project chronicling his journey.

From tear jerkers like "San Leandro" and "Bottom of the Bottle" to rowdy drinking songs such as "The Whiskey Gets Me" and "Blue Collar Bar," Sober: Whiskey Memories is a true concept album through and through.

One track "I Can’t Drink Like I Used To" was written at last year’s Songpreneur Retreats with co-writers Janet Bruce Stone, Sheldon Tyacke, and Benita Hill ("Two Pina Coladas" Garth Brooks).

Benita Hill writing with the group at the Songpreneurs Retreat

Here's the group writing the song at the Songpreneurs Retreat in '17

Give it a listen, and connect with Tim on his website here.


Ronnie Scott Father Husband Son

Father Husband Son Ronnie Scott

Ronnie Scott calls himself a back row Baptist.

He’s a good man, lived a good life, and now in retirement, he’s made music his focus.

Like many of us, Ronnie’s life journey didn’t unfold exactly as planned.

This fun, poignant collection of songs traces the steps of a father, husband and son as he walks through life, reflecting on his experiences and relationships, good and bad.

Ronnie wrote all the songs on this project by himself, and with the help of musical genius, Grammy award winning guitarist Mike Waldron, he captures the essence of what it means to be a gentleman in this modern world.

Connect with Ronnie on his website here.


Check back for more upcoming release announcements in the coming weeks!

Do you have a new release you’d like to share with us? Leave your comment below or send us an email to HQ here.

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