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Songpreneurs 8th Annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The Songpreneurs Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference is upon us and it’s time to let you in on some of the sessions and guest presenters for this year.

As usual, the exact schedule is a closely guarded secret until attendees arrive at the event on Wednesday, June 27th at the 5PM Opening Reception.

But we can’t wait to let you know a few hints and tidbits about the programme.

As always, Songpreneurs events and workshops follow along with our core curriculum standards posted here [Songpreneurs Core Curriculum]

The purpose of the yearly Conference is to provide resources and fellowship for songwriter entrepreneurs.

Songpreneurs Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference

Through skill building, access to caring mentors, innovative labs and workshops and hanging out performing music with your fellow songwriters and their families, you get a sense of community – the foundation of craft mastery and time tested relationship that Nashville is built upon.

This year we’ll cover our core curriculum in some practical labs where you’ll apply some scenarios you will eventually encounter along your songwriter entrepreneur journey.

Like how to release a single, license a song for recording, or television, and other day to day DIY need to know items.

In addition to workshopping our core foundation, we’ll be hearing from these very special guests:

Our keynote session is an interview with Legendary Arranger and Pianist Ron Oates (“9 To 5” Dolly Parton, “Wind Beneath My Wings” Gladys Knight) on the topic of Arranging Your Songs.

Neil Diercks of Berklee Online

We are pleased to introduce Neil Diercks (Berklee Online Instructor, former A&R Management Warner/Chappell) who will be giving his “How Many Hooks Does It Take To Have A Hit” workshop.

And our man Canadian man Max Hutchinson of Valhalla Music will join Amanda Colleen Williams (multiplatinum publisher/songwriter “She’s Tired of Boys” Garth Brooks) in a Publisher Casting Session.

Are you as eager to come, as we are to see you?

Sign up here for your Full Conference Pass

Day Passes and Class Passes are available on a limited basis.

Wed, June 27

5PM Opening Reception

Thurs, June 28

Core / Foundations in Business, Branding and Write Brain Song Crafting™

If you just want to learn the basic and foundation of our Songpreneurs methods, the Day Pass is the ticket for you.


Evening Activity 7PM Kim Williams’s Birthday Party – RSVP required; come bring something to throw on the grille, and your favorite beverage, and listen to friends and family play their favorite tribute songs to the man behind “Papa Loved Mama,” “Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Till the Sun Comes Up” and “Three Wooden Crosses”

Fri, June 29

Friends and Family

4PM Class Pass Available (check for availability)

Neil Diercks “How Many Hooks Does It Take To Have A Hit”

Conference attendees can invite friends and family to join us for an evening hang. Berklee Alumni also are welcome to attend with RSVP.

Sat. Jun 30

Songwriter Salon

VIP Salon Ticket $35 includes concert and admission to Keynote Interview with Ron Oates, Legendary Arranger and Pianist (“9 To 5” Dolly Parton, “Wind Beneath My Wings” Gladys Knight)

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