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How Do I Find My True Artist Self? … and what do I do with it once I find it?

In music business school, managers are taught to look for artists who have a good sense of separation between their “real” self and their artist persona.

Brand You Songpreneurs normal Joe and Artist Joe illustration


… and there’s definitely some merit in knowing exactly who that artist self is and what it would and wouldn’t do or say.


But when you are the artist, it gets tricky trying to figure this all out…


...especially for singer-songwriters who want to be as true as possible to their authentic self.


Here are a few tools that have been useful for me and my clients when working to uncover hidden truths about ourselves, our work, and our creative process.


Meet the Mind Map


Using a mind map or graphic organizer tool is a great way to help lead yourself toward success.


Why mind map?


The mind map when used correctly as a brain storming tool helps to by-pass your logical, linear, left-brained mind and tap into the mystical, magical, big picture oriented right brain.


Think of the mind map as a leadership hack.


Leadership Versus Management


So many times we skip past the leadership stage and move right into managing.


That’s the get 'er done, make-it-happen side of ourself.


Management is great and a very needful thing, but it is best done when you have something to manage – that is, after you have your big picture vision worked out.


Think of the mind map as a leadership hack.

First step is leadership.


As artists, we can look back to the masters of wisdom that came before us and tap into some of that good stuff.


“Know Thyself” has always been something highly encourage among literary, learned and philosophical types, and it especially applies today to creative artists.


You can use the mind map as a short cut to understanding what you already know about yourself and your artist journey on the higher level.


Think of it as hacking into your higher self and getting a tailor-made set of directions – or at least some solid, quality hints – about where to go and what to do next.


Doing the Exercise –


Take a pen and notebook and set a timer for 3 minutes.


When your time starts, begin by drawing a circle in the middle of your page that says:


My Artist Self

My artist self Songwriting and Music Business Songpreneurs


Then carry on from there drawing lines and circles with other words, phrases, and ideas until your time is up.


Try to keep your pen moving the entire 3 minutes and don’t stop to think.


Thinking is left brain.  We’re not doing that yet.


You are supposed to be flowing in the exercise and not thinking.


After your 3 minutes is up, go back and make sense of your map by writing an outline.


What did you write down?


Did any of it surprise you?


Were you able to get a big picture view of what your artist self might look like?


You can do other 3 minute mind maps to help you fill out your vision even more.


Mind Map Leadership Hack Songpreneurs Songwriting and Music Business dot com

Answer some of the following as 3 minute mind map prompts to add to your picture:


·      What do I love besides music?

·      My service

·      My music

·      My fans

·      My songs

·      I sound like

·      My message

·      I want to –

o   3 months

o   6 months

o   1 year

o   3 years

o   5 years

o   10 years

o   Lifetime


Give it a try and post your comments.  We love hearing from you.


Next time, we’ll look more deeply into the second part of our question.  How do I find my true artist self, and what do I do with it once I find it?

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