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Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference 2020 Virtual Event Presented by Songpreneurs

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In honor of our 10th year anniversary of the Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, Songpreneurs has a fantastic line up of sessions for this year's virtual conference to be held 100% online so that participants can join from anywhere in the world.

This year's theme is International Collaboration, so it's only fitting that our special guest is the esteemed Executive Director of the Jamaica Intellectual Property Organization (JIPO) Lilyclaire Bellamy.

Amanda Colleen Williams with Lilyclaire Bellamy

Normally the full schedule for the Songpreneurs Conference and Retreats is a closely guarded secret until the day of the Opening Reception, but this year is different.

So here are the Conference Sessions and descriptions.

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Simplified Schedule for Conference 2020:

Wed. Jun 24

5PM Opening Session

Thurs. Jun 25

10 – 11:45 am Session 1

2 – 3:45pm Session 2

Fri. Jun 26

10 – 11:45 am Session 3

2 – 3:45 pm Session 4

Sat. Jun 27

10 – 11:45 am Session 5

2 – 3:45 pm Session 6

Session Descriptions:

A Time For Every Season – how to make progress now

What’s the problem with taking everyone’s advice? Taking the same advice that worked for someone else is like trying to wear your winter coat in the summer.

Winter coats are great in winter when it’s cold. But in summer, wearing that winter coat is a chore, and isn’t a great way to make progress.

The same thing is true for your music career. There is a time for every season, we are told. In this session, examine some of the common problems that need to be solved by everyone in the music industry, no matter what stage you are in your career.

Then explore the a principle based system for evaluating where you are in your journey, and what specific things you need to be doing right now to make progress.

Recommended for:

· Beginners just starting out, to establish a road map for your journey ahead

· Intermediate writers who have been working a day job and haven’t had time to focus on music until now

· Advanced / pro writers who are frustrated trying to make progress in the digital music world

· Support people – publishers, managers, record labels, investors who want to better understand the creative entrepreneurial struggle


Write Brain Song Crafting™- write better songs faster using our proprietary system

Whether you have written hundreds of songs, or have never written a song before, you can quickly master the basics of songwriting using our proprietary Write Brain Song Crafting™ method.

This session walks you though the basics of using the Write Brain™ system to write a song, covers a few specific techniques to make your writing better and more commercial, and gets you ready for afternoon solo or virtual cowriting sessions with your fellow Songpreneurs Conference attendees.

Recommended for:

· Anyone interested in songwriting as a commercial art form or form of healthy self expression

· Creative business people who want a new way to practice writing skills

· Content creators who want to write better, faster


Publisher In Practice – basics of DIY music publishing

The goal for many songwriters is to get signed to a publishing deal. But what does that really mean?

In this session, cover the basics of music publishing and what it means to sign a deal. Does it hurt your chances of getting signed to DIY?

Depends on how you do it. Look at the most frequent duties of a self publishing songwriter, look at the processes you need to know, and get professional document templates for organizing your independent music publishing house.

Recommended for:

· Songwriters who want to get signed to a music publishing contract

· Songwriters who want to handle their own music publishing

· Support people who want to help songwriters in the music industry

· Anyone who wants to understand how to steward intellectual property


Interview with Lilyclaire Bellamy, Executive Director of Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) – international perspectives on the creative economy

Lilyclaire Bellamy is a five star guest for our 10th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference presented by Songpreneurs.

We met Lilyclaire when we presented to World Copyright Ministers at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Copyright Seminar 2017, and later worked with her to provide workshops to youth and students in Kingston and Mandeville, Jamaica in cooperation with the United States Department of State, US Embassy Jamaica and JIPO.

In this informal interview, Lilyclaire and Amanda will discuss timely topics focused on productive international cooperation among creative communities and the Orange Economy.

Recommended for:

· People interested in international collaborations

· Intellectual property attorneys, and general practitioners interested in IP

· Creative people looking to explore new areas of creativity and monetization


Exploring Your Personal Brand – how your uniqueness makes you marketable

Songpreneurs started talking about the importance of a personal brand in 2010, and it’s even more important now in 2020.

Entertainers and music artists know the value of their brand, and songwriters can develop a simpler form of personal brand to help you stand out.

In this session, we’ll cover the basics of your personal brand, and do some exercises to help you define yours. With streaming royalties earning less than a penny for songwriters, developing your personal brand is the key to sustainability in the new music business.

Get started on the right path with this session and supplementary lab materials.

Recommended for:

· Songwriters who want to make more money

· Creative professionals who need to develop their unique value proposition

· Support people who want to help songwriters use their creativity profitably


Melody Writing With Modes – using modes to write better melodies

Even the finest songwriters sometimes struggle to write melodies. In this session, we explore the wonderful world of musical modes, what they are, and how to use them to expand your melody writing skills.

A painter uses color to create, and the songwriter uses sounds. This workshop gives you a wider palette of notes and chords to use for your creative writing.

Learn how to play modal scales, and explore some popular music that uses modal melody.

Your friends and family will be impressed with your new skills, and you’ll be using these techniques for the rest of your writing career. A great way to end the 10th annual Conference.

Recommended for:

· Lyric only writers to explore the foundation of melody

· Songwriters who are stuck in a rut writing the same melody to every song

· People who are curious about music theory and mechanics


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Also available for the first time, attendees can purchase a full conference ticket including an hour of one on one mentoring with Songpreneurs Founder Amanda Colleen Williams.

Usually mentoring and consulting is only available for yearly members of Songpreneurs Leadership Community online, but as part of the Full Conference Plus ticket, even non-members can reserve an hour with Amanda for high level consulting and career counseling from one of Nashville's most successful independent music professionals.

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