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Exercise Your Brain and Improve Mental Health By Creating Music | Neuroscience News

One of our Songpreneurs Leadership Community members recently posted a link to this article called “Symphony of Synapses: The Brain’s Intricate Dance With Music” from Neuroscience News online to our discussion forum.

a white brain with music coming out letters and colors blue green yellow orange and red
Creative Brain photo credit MclittleStock | Adobe Stock

If you were ever needing a scientific reason or two to convince someone that working on your music is a good and productive thing to be doing, here are a few highlights.

For one, music helps connect the body and brain and releases feel good hormones into the blood stream, which helps you find more joy in your day.

This is true for everybody, especially people who are suffering through various physical, emotional and mental ailments including high blood pressure, chronic pain and even dementia.

Working on music can improve all kinds of development including helping to solve complex problems like those we might encounter at school, work or in the home, and even improving memory (just don’t ask us to remember all our song lyrics).

Depending on the kind of music you listen to and create, you can actively affect your mood and the mood of others in your environment, making for a more peaceful, energetic situation in your life.

Music is called “the universal language” because every culture on earth has some kind of music.

We can share this experience with others, and find lots of benefit beyond the obvious if we keep our minds open, and work to make our music dreams a reality.

Thanks to Michael for hipping us to the article.


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