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Garth Brooks Praises Songpreneurs Founder Songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams on Inside Studio G

April 24, 2023 | Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.

During this week’s Inside Studio G Facebook Conversation, superstar songwriter-entrepreneur Garth Brooks called Songpreneurs’ founder Amanda Colleen Williams “a powerful redhead” alongside country icon Reba McEntire.

"This little gal, nothing gets in her way" - Garth Brooks

“This little gal, nothing gets in her way. She just works, and she works, and she works and she works. She says her dad was a songwriter. Her dad [Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Member Kim Williams] would be the first one if he was on this earth today to tell you, that’s a songwriter right there,” he said, pointing at Amanda.

Garth recorded dozens of Kim Williams songs, and has cut three of Amanda’s original songs to date: “Beer Run,” the duet with George Jones, “She’s Tired of Boys” and “I Can Be Me With You” written with Benita Hill.

“Garth is my North Star,” said Amanda. “He is a walking text book of how to make it big in the music business, and still be a great person to be around. He’s our model for all things good here at Songpreneurs.”

Songpreneurs LLC is the brainchild of Williams that grew out of her love and specific understanding of songwriters.

Providing nurturing, skills building, and earned career advancement opportunities to songwriters of all experience levels, Songpreneurs has been helping “foster sustainable careers in the new music business” since 2013, and prior to that as the Hillbilly Culture Club founded in 2010.

Watch the video of what Garth said about Amanda, and hear the answer to her #AskGarth question about the role faith plays in his successful career here on her official website Songlife blog.

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