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Happy World IP Day!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is World Intellectual Property Day, and that's a good thing for songwriters to celebrate. Sometimes intellectual property seems like something only lawyers understand, but really songwriters and artists know more about IP than anyone else because we create the stuff! Our motto at Songpreneurs is: you can't do wrong with your own song. That means a song you write by yourself is yours and yours alone before you show it to anyone. That's the most precious time with your new song baby to make your plans, and just like a newborn child, you don't want to expose it to just anyone. It's important to work with a team you can trust to respect your property, just as you respect the intellectual property of other people. It's pretty simple, really. Songpreneurs is proud to honor the songwriters and their creative process, and to serve as a source of mentoring, encouragement, and continuing education for songwriters of all ability levels. Wish your songwriter friends a Happy World IP Day tomorrow, and post your own message answering the question: Why is IP important to you? #songwritervoices See some suggested social messages below for sharing.


Suggested social share messages - share one of these or create your own!

Happy World IP Day! I'm a songwriter and intellectual property is important to me! #songwritervoices

Happy World IP Day! Songwriters love IP because it's how we support our families with the fruits of our creative labor. #songwritervoices

Happy World IP Day! Songwriters need intellectual property to make a living. I respect yours and you respect mine, and we'll all get along fine. #songwritervoices

Happy World IP Day! I support songwriters rights. #songwritervoices

Songpreneurs Happy World IP Day

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