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Independent Music Release Success Stories

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to put out your own music, or wait for someone else to cut your song first?

This is one of the age-old dilemmas facing music creators.

Sure there are sometimes valid reasons to hold onto great songs, but most of the time, putting them out as an independent release is the best way to put those songs to work.

There are lots of examples of artists putting out their own material, and having great success.

Did you know that super band Alabama owned their first album? They went all over Nashville trying to get a deal, and no one wanted them.

So they put out their own single. And guess what? It became a hit.

Another example of a self-release success is with the song “Rhinestone Cowboy.” The writer Larry Weiss put out the song as an artist and was getting radio airplay in Los Angeles.

That’s where Glen Campbell first heard the song, and called up his record company to have them track down the owners so he could put it out. It went on to become his signature song.

So don’t hold on to those songs forever.

Make a great plan, and release them yourself.

If you keep them in the shoe box under the bed, no one will ever know about them.

But if you’re sure you have something good, and you have a plan, put them out and see what happens.

If you’d like to help with just such a self release campaign, please head over and pre-order my first single to digital retailers called “Love Holiday (Remix)” available now.

Love Holiday (Remix)

With enough downloads, the single could enter the charts, and that will help it get visibility for even more people to hear and love it. It only takes a few hundred downloads to make some of the charts, so please help out and share!

Thanks in advance for pre-ordering and for spreading the Love!

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