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Music Modernization Act Introduced In Congress

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Georgia Congressman Doug Collins and Hakeem Jeffries of NY introduced new bipartisan legislation H.R. 4706 the “Music Modernization Act” to help simplify the digital licensing systems for songwriters, music publishers and licensors.

Capital Building

This legislation is the product of negotiations among songwriter, music publisher and digital media licensors.

While acknowledging that the proposed legislation is not perfect, it represents a step forward in the changing model for music creators doing business online.

Songpreneurs initially expressed concern that the proposed measure would do little to help independents when the bill was introduced at an AIMP Nashville meeting in November 2017.

However, after conferring with NSAI director Bart Herbison, we have learned that the bill has undergone changes over the past few weeks to reflect the concern of independent songwriter voices, and represents a positive step forward for the music ecosystem with compromises for all participants.

We appreciate the ongoing efforts of advocacy organizations and our legislators to protect songwriters as small businesses in the music-licensing ecosystem, and look forward to contributing our support to this important work of copyright reform in the United States.


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