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Songpreneurs Participates in Metro Nashville Public Schools Career Exploration Fair

Updated: Dec 14, 2019


Songpreneurs took part in the Metro Nashville Public Schools

(MNPS) Career Exploration Fair on November 14, 2017, representing songwriting and entrepreneurship career opportunities in the new music business.

Songpreneurs at Metro Nashville Public Schools Career Resource Fair

Students from the 9th grade visited the Music City Center between 8AM and 1PM during the Career Resource Fair, and asked questions of representatives from various businesses and job training resources located in Middle Tennessee.

Regional businesses, colleges and resource organizations were on hand to talk with students helping them to better select their career pathway in the 10th grade.

Students at Metro Nashville Public Schools Career Resource Fair 2017

Nashville’s schools are set up on an Academy system that allows students to focus on their primary areas of interest while still in high school, giving them practical work opportunities to grow and strengthen their specialized knowledge in preparation for entering the job market upon graduation.

Songpreneurs spoke with students about the professions of songwriting and creative entrepreneurism, and especially highlighted the importance of establishing stronger copyright protections for future generations of creative laborers in the United States and abroad.

Students participated in our interactive game, and crafted simple songs with the help of our trained instructors.

In addition to the Career Exploration Fair, Songpreneurs is serving the community by visiting schools in the Metro Nashville Public Schools system providing students with our Songpreneurs MAP Music Ambassador Program™, a lesson plan based curricula that underscores literacy, intellectual property and character education through songwriting entrepreneurship.

If you are a teacher, counselor, school administrator or principal, contact us to schedule the Songpreneurs MAP Music Ambassadors Program™ in your classes, with priority booking for remedial reading student classroom literacy enrichment.

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