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Songpreneurs online training uses tools like this mind map to tap into your creativity and leadership strengths.  Proven methods give measurable results.  We're glad you found us.  Looking forward to connecting. - HQ Group

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for stopping by Songpreneurs Online, built to help songwriters succeed in the new music business.

As a second generation professional songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, and Music Business degree graduate, I have seen the industry change over the past three decades.

As a trained educator and homeschooling mom, I understand the value of a principle based curriculum to guide realistic goals in business and in life.

It has been my pleasure over the past 10 years to mentor hundreds of talented songwriters of all ages toward mastery and commercial success.

Send me an email introducing yourself, or fill out our Learn More survey to help us get to know you better.



          Amanda Colleen Williams

            RIAA® Certified Multiplatinum Awarded Songwriter / Publisher

            Owner / Founder Songpreneurs LLC




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Songpreneurs Online Workshop

Know Your Biz to Grow Your Music Business Thursday, March 26 6PM CDT - video recordings available - Register here

Songpreneurs Q2 Online Course

Building Your Independent Music Publishing Company | for songwriters and music business entrepreneurs who want to work toward mastery and sustainable success | principle based methods


Online - Mondays April 6, 2020 to May 31, 2020 6PM CDT - video recordings available - Apply

Songpreneurs Conference

Wednesday June 24, 2020 5PM to Saturday June 27, 2020 - Register here

Songpreneurs Songwriters Retreat

Thursday September 24, 2020 5PM to Sunday September 27, 2020 - Apply to attend

Songpreneurs 2021 Enrollment Fall Fest

Saturday, October 9, 2020 - Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Fall Fest - Special discounts for renewing current members.

About Us

Songpreneurs is a continuing education resource for songwriters that helps develop skills and specific knowledge in song crafting, business and entrepreneurship.

Instead of waiting to be discovered, Songpreneurs model helps songwriters and other creatives take control of their musical artistry and develop it into a sustainable business model.

Because our methods are principle based, they work for all experience levels of songwriters and creative professionals no matter where you are on your journey.

Founded by RIAA® certified multiplatinum awarded songwriter and independent music publisher Amanda Colleen Williams, Songpreneurs grew out of love and compassion for songwriters who were struggling to make it through the digital revolution and its changing music distribution models.

Using our proprietary Three Pillars™ training, Songpreneurs provides a principle based curriculum and course of study for serious songwriter entrepreneurs.

Sign up for our email newsletter Songpreneurs Digest and let us know about you by filling our our Learn More survey.

We're looking forward to helping you build your sustainable career in the new music business.

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Please - Sign up for our email newsletter Songpreneurs Digest and let us know about you by filling our our Learn More survey.

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