Songpreneurs 2022

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This year is songwriting focused.  Build skills for your writing practice whether you’re writing from the heart or writing for the market. 


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Do you want success for your songs?

Hi.  Welcome to Songpreneurs.  We are a world leader in songwriter business development.  Are you ready to do what it takes to succeed?

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Songwriting and Music Business
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World Class Training

Songpreneurs provides the highest quality resources for songwriters and new music business entrepreneurs.

Are you looking to make something happen with your music?  Tired of waiting and playing games?

Einstein said that the answers are not found at the level of our problems, and we have to rise above to see the solution.

Think of Songpreneurs as your higher ground through targeted, principle based education and skill building.


About Us

Songpreneurs is a continuing education resource for songwriters that helps develop skills and specific knowledge in song crafting, business and entrepreneurship.

Instead of waiting to be discovered, Songpreneurs model helps songwriters and other creatives take control of their musical artistry and develop it into a sustainable business model.

Because our methods are principle based, they work for all experience levels of songwriters and creative professionals no matter where you are on your journey.

Founded by RIAA® certified multiplatinum awarded songwriter and independent music publisher Amanda Colleen Williams, Songpreneurs grew out of love and compassion for songwriters who were struggling to make it through the digital revolution and its changing music distribution models.

Using our proprietary Three Pillars™ training, Songpreneurs provides a principle based curriculum and course of study for serious songwriter entrepreneurs.

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We're looking forward to helping you build your sustainable career in the new music business.

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