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Why Curriculum Based?

Why Curriculum Based? How having a written curriculum provides better results

A curriculum is a plan for learning. When you work with a trained educator who has experience in the subject matter being taught, you get a powerful combination that can push you to new heights of understanding in your chosen field.

Songwriting is a craft and an art. It is also a powerful engine for creative entrepreneurship, both directly and indirectly.

Since the digital age has made it possible for people to sell courses and lecture series online, songwriters have taken the opportunity to teach others what they know.

In many cases, the information is good, and relative to the experience and success of the person doing the teaching.

But in the case of Songpreneurs, our curriculum goes beyond and applies the power of written lesson plans with stated objectives, just as you find in university courses.

This is not an accident. Songpreneurs was founded on the principle that anyone, anyone can be a songwriter given the right training, patience and practice.

Kim Williams, father to Songpreneurs founder Amanda Colleen Williams was a firm believer in this philosophy, and his inspirational story of triumph over adversity and eventual worldwide success as a non-performing songwriter despite his physical disability is an example of the strength of applied will power upon which this curriculum is based.

Kim and Amanda Williams photo credit Mark DeWitte

It is said that an expert is a person who has made every mistake possible in a very narrow field, and the music industry is no different. Instead of making mistake after mistake, chasing after dangling carrots and unreturned messages, the Songpreneurs step by step development program helps you to take control of your own success path, and to actually make a plan to achieve your self-selected goals.

Having worked with songwriters for over a decade, our curriculum systematically builds the skills you need to write hit songs.

Daily building blocks, weekly and monthly milestones mark your progress toward your goals, and eventually, your dreams have become reality, as your path continues to unfold before you with each progressive step.

When a curriculum is principle based, as is the Songpreneurs system, a person of any level can apply the steps to gain skill. Just like a one room school house enabled students in the earlier grades to be exposed to teachings for the higher level students, the Songpreneurs system co-mingles writers of all levels to create an organic, thriving ecosystem for songwriter entrepreneurs to make the maxim level of connectivity among the international membership base.

Unlike some of the songwriters associations that build a hierarchy into their membership ranks, pitting older members against newer ones with false expectations and unreasonable procedures, Songpreneurs leaves the individual songwriter to decide for himself where and how to apply the information learned in our programs, while leaving everyone free to participate in other groups, both local and international.

Songpreneurs takes an inclusive approach to developing sustainable careers in the new music business by helping songwriters and their support teams build skill, specialized knowledge and eventually accomplishment, success and clout.

Through daily discipline and the working of your plan, the Songpreneurs curriculum provides all the necessary ingredients to foster a thriving career in the new music business valuing your original songs as intellectual property that will carry your legacy to future generations as long as your copyright lasts - the life of the author plus 70 years.

What other investment in yourself can say that? Get involved with Songpreneurs today >>