Songpreneurs Song Study Saturday

Song study is an important part of developing mastery skills as a professional songwriter.

Long time student Taylor Lewis works on his piano chops at Songpreneurs HQ in Nashville, Tennessee.
But how do you study a song? How do you learn from it? And how does that help you develop your skills as a songwriter?

Not all song study systems are created equally, and worse, some even encourage you to plagiarize or outright copy the original work you're admiring.

That's not respectful, ethical or even helpful in the long run when you're trying to work toward a sustainable career.

To help songwriters study songs in an objective way, Songpreneurs developed a proprietary system for song study called the 7 Steps Song Analysis™.

To encourage its use, in 2020 we'll be posting Song Study Saturdays as a regular feature in our Songpreneurs Digest Email Newsletter.

Opt-in here and be sure to select your frequency preferences (monthly or fewer options available for busy readers.)

The first Song Study Saturday selection of this year is a classic nugget of Nashville gold called "Little Green Apples" by Roger Miller.

Purchase on Amazon Music

This work demonstrates fearless, unique, creative self-expression at the highest level.

Please purchase your copy of the song from your favorite retailer or listen at home from your own collection if you already have the song in your library, and download the 7 Steps Song Analysis™ article & worksheet in our Songpreneurs Shop to participate with the group project.

If you'd like, post your comments here in the blog.

Happy, healthy and productive New Year, Songpreneurs!



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