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Hollywood celebrity turned country music star roundup

Lately we’ve been noticing a trend around Nashville of a lot more Hollywood actors trying their hand at singing country music.

Here are a few of our favorites in no particular order:

Kiefer Sutherland

The Lost Boy found his way home with this song “Not Enough Whiskey” showcasing his whiskey smokey voice.

Hope to hear more of the same from this talented gentleman.

Jeff Bridges

“The Dude” shows us his country roots on his toe tapping feel good duet “What A Little Big of Love Can Do.” Check out the all star back up band featuring T Bone Burnett playing hollow-body in the background –

Dennis Quaid

You can definitely hear the Jerry Lee Lewis influence loud and clear coming from Quaid as he sings along with the Bellamy Brothers on this hit “I Can Help.” With animated performances like this, the fans will be lining up to see Dennis perform live.

Charles Esten

Whether or not you know him as Deacon from the international hit television show Nashville that put Mr. Esten on the country music map or not, you can get a good taste of his talent in this sing along “Sweet Summer Saturday Night”

Alexander Ludwig

Viking? Hunger Games? Grand Ole Opry. If you close your eyes, you can see this young singer’s Tennessee crooner Kenny Chesney influence coming through strong. Looking forward to hearing more from this newcomer.

Rob Mayes

This Hollywood hunk has been seen performing around town for a few years now, and putting out singles to showcase his growing songwriting skills. Best known for TV Show Mistresses and lots of Christmas flicks, this tune “Closer” shows he’s more than just a handsome face.

Who’s your favorite actor turned country star? Let us know in the comments below.


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