Feedback Lab with multiplatinum awarded songwriter and music publisher

Feedback Lab with multiplatinum awarded songwriter and music publisher

Multiplatinum awarded songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams

Studies show that one of the things many of the most successful art professionals have in common is access to, and using regular peer to peer feedback in their creative process.

From writers groups to pottery circles, arts professionals and other creatives have benefitted from a close community of fellow creators.

At Songpreneurs, we didn’t aways believe this.

Founder Amanda Colleen Williams never much cared for feedback in her early songwriting days.

“I wasn’t a fan,” Williams laughs. “Feedback to me was about the same as sitting around letting a bunch of nerds tear your song to shreds. My dad taught me otherwise.”

When Amanda first launched her music publishing company, Hillbilly Culture, she and her father were invited to speak at a songwriting event hosted by the Knoxville Songwriters in East Tennessee along with publishers from Universal Music Group and others.

Kim Williams Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Member and Daughter Amanda Colleen

“I was impressed by how my dad was able to give such great, constructive feedback to the attendees, depending on where they were in their songwriting skills,” Amanda recounted.

Many songwriter associations offer opportunities for their members to get feedback on their original songs, but often it’s given anonymously.

Especially when feedback is given in a subjective or opinion based way, it’s super important to know who is giving the advice.

After all, advice given by a person with a specific mindset can be completely different – even opposite from advice given by another, equally qualified person. How do you know whose advice to listen to if you don’t know who is giving it?

At Songpreneurs you always know who is giving your song feedback.

Whether you’re looking to improve what you have written, get advice on how to arrange, produce, or revise the tune, or even creative entrepreneurship ideas on how to market and monetize the composition, you’ll get quality feedback at Songpreneurs as a regular part of your training.

The upcoming Songpreneurs Songwriter Retreat provides opportunities to not only get feedback from multiplatinum awarded songwriter and music publisher Amanda Colleen Williams, but to also experience what it’s like to write with a second generation professional songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee.

Only a small number of writers are accepted in our retreats. Register today >>

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