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Building Your Independent Music Publishing Company

Usually getting signed to a music publishing company is a big dream for most songwriters, but what does that really mean to have a publishing deal?

What are the main duties of music publishers, anyway, and what do they actually do for songwriters?

What if your goal is to get signed, how can you increase your chances of attracting the attention of a reputable company instead of a scammer?

What about administrators, song pluggers, demos and song registration?

If you're asking these questions, you are not alone.

Many songwriters struggle to find answers to their music publishing questions, and even when they do find answers, many times they are so conflicting, or confusing it seems useless.

What if you could take an 8-week course online in your own free time that would not only answer these questions for you, but also give you the tools to answer your own music industry related questions in the future?

No, it's not an expensive university course, but our books are used in plenty of quality universities as a resource around the globe.

The course is called Building Your Independent Music Publishing Company and it's starting online at Songpreneurs HQ on April 5, 2020 as our Q2 course selection for this year.

Following along with our proprietary Getting Started the Right Way in the New Millennium of Music Business workbook, week by week we will walk you through all the steps you need to understand and take to set up your independent music publishing house for long-term, sustainable success.

Far from making you less appealing to reputable music publishers, being proactive and taking steps to protect your original songs now is the best move for both you and your legacy business partners.

Learn what you need to know and get guidance and coaching from RIAA® certified 17 times platinum awarded songwriter and independent music publisher, Amanda Colleen Williams, your course instructor and facilitator.

We are only accepting 50 students total in the live quarterly sessions, and there are already 26 people signed up for yearly training.

So, if you would like to participate in the Q2 8-week course, sign up now before the spots are all filled.

Sign up for Q2 Course Building Your Independent Music Publishing Company here >>


You can get a taste of what our online training is like by attending the Know Your Biz To Grow Your Music Business online workshop on Thursday, March 26 at 6pm.

People who sign up for the workshop (including current members) can order the Getting Started workbook for only $10 [normally $35] to cover shipping and handling in the Continental United States.

The workshop is free for Songpreneurs 4 course bundle students.

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