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Songpreneurs Songwriter Leadership Community Launches Multimedia Christmas Album Online

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


Songpreneurs Songwriter Leadership Community Launches Multimedia Christmas Album Online

Songpreneurs Christmas Album 2019

Nashville, TN, November 29, 2019 Songpreneurs songwriter leadership community online has prepared a special treat for music lovers this holiday season: an interactive, multimedia Christmas Album.

Like an old-time family photo album, the Songpreneurs Christmas Album is made up of pages created by Songpreneurs members.

Members were invited to prepare a song and layout a webpage to showcase their unique individual artistry, while participating in this group project together over the past several months.

Some members wrote original holiday songs for the group Songpreneurs Christmas Album, and others recorded cover versions of their favorite songs written by other songwriters.

You can peruse the songs and the Members' linked pages on our Songpreneurs Christmas Album Landing Page here.

Please feel free to share your favorites on social media, and spread the word to your friends and family, too.

Check back to see newly added songs and pages to the Album as they become ready over the next few weeks.



About Songpreneurs: Songpreneurs is a continuing education resource for songwriter entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster sustainable careers in the new music business.

Originally founded in 2010 to supplement the education provided through national songwriter trade organizations, Songpreneurs has grown as a respected name in songwriting, music business entrepreneurship, music publishing innovation and principle-based copyright reform.

Online courses, in person events, proprietary workbooks, curriculum-based consulting, and Nashville immersion programs are available through our website shop or by contacting Songpreneurs HQ at or calling (615) 720-8882.

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