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The Meaning of Labor Day for Songwriter Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Labor Day is a national holiday in the United States to celebrate workers.


Work is a sacred endeavor for most people who have learned to appreciate it, and a total drag for those who have not.

Being a songwriter is no different from other types of labor, except that much of the work done is mental and emotional.

Anyone who has ever written more than a song or two can tell you that it can even make you physically tired after writing few songs in a day, even for the most seasoned.

Just like good therapists and counselors, songwriters need more than a passing interest in other people, experiences, and the psychology of social interactions that we see unfolding in the world around us.

The songwriter's job is to write something that reflects what's happening and resonates with a large enough audience to support his work.

Most people who enjoy the songwriter's labor will never even think about his existence, let alone wonder how the songwriter gets paid.

And maybe that's part of the wonder of music in the first place - it's mystery.

If you're a songwriter, how to get paid for your work should not remain a mystery.

There are many revenue streams available to songwriters by leveraging publishing rights, and there are many other sources of income for songwriter-entrepreneurs that aren't even related to publishing.

Learn the ins and outs of music publishing revenues for songwriter entrepreneurs in our Getting Started workbook, and get help leveraging your unique value proposition as your brand in Brand Yourself.

As music lovers, it's important to think about the future of our music ecosystem. The cries from songwriters are true - the old traditional model for getting paid is badly broken, and may not be repairable.

What will you do to help ensure a sustainable future for songwriters and creative laborers of all genres and disciplines?


Here's a nice editorial on Weirton Daily Times website called "The real meaning of Labor Day"

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