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Songpreneurs September Songwriter Retreat Recap

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Songwriter September Retreat 2018

There is a long history pointing to the effectiveness of writers’ retreats. From quiet mountain cottages, to urban escapes, writers of all kinds enjoy making time to get away from it all, and really focus on writing.

This past week, a small group of dedicated songwriters gathered at our Nashville HQ for a long weekend of writing with professional hit writers trained in our Write Brain Song Crafting Method.™

Here are a few photos from the event, along with highlights from our interviews with pro writers Benita Hill (“Two Piña Coladas” Garth Brooks) and Jeremy Crady (“I’m Gettin' Stoned” Eric Church).

Benita Hill Songwriter

Benita who came to town as a singer, and gradually worked her way into songwriting circles shared advice with the group.

The one thing she knows now that she wishes she knew when she started was to remember not to take things too seriously. She used to take every little rejection, every little hope to heart.

After years of experience, she says, "I finally learned to get over it."

Jeremy also came to Nashville from Texas to be an artist, and learned along the way how to craft a strong song.

He emphasizes "being right sized," as an important factor in success.

"When I came to town, I probably turned down a lot of opportunities I should have taken just because I thought I was bigger than I really was," Jeremy relates.

Jeremy Crady Songwriter

In fact, Jeremy had given up on being a successful songwriter and moved back to Texas when he finally got news of his first big cut, the song "I"m Gettin' Stoned" on Eric Church's break through album Chief.

In addition to the interviews with our pro writer instructors, attendees were put into small groups, and were able to experience what it's like to write with professional writers in Nashville.

Overall, we wrote a total of eight songs over the two full day event, and learned about the give and take of professional commercial songwriting as a career.

Group hang at the retreat

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