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Tim Seay: A Songpreneurs Success Story

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

It all started a few years ago when Tim was first referred to us.

Tim Seay in the studio

He had recorded and released an album in California, released a single using digital advertising, and was making some high quality demos with our friend Buddy Hyatt in Nashville.

Still in spite of his top quality recordings, and good songs, Tim was discouraged.

Frustrated and feeling disconnected, traveling back and forth from California to Nashville, he was thinking of giving up his musical dream all together.

His recordings sounded amazing, but with no one to hear them and no encouragement or direction, he was running out of steam fast.

“What are you trying to do with your music?” I asked him on that first phone conversation.

“I want to tell a story,” said Tim. “I have all these songs about living on a boat, but I’m not like a Jimmy Buffett, ya know? I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic, and I’m out there being peaceful, trying to keep it together; not living it up. I just don’t know if people want to hear about that,” he sighed.

“Tell me more about that, Tim,” I urged.

Tim Seay, Benita Hill, Janet Stone

Tim with cowriters and Benita Hill at last year's Songpreneurs Songwriting Retreat

Over the next two years, Tim and I and some other extremely talented writers came up with a body of songs about addiction and the road to recovery that make up his forthcoming album titled Sober: Whiskey Memories due for release later this year.

“I’m really excited about this release,” said Tim. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Tim Seay: A Case Study of Songpreneurs Success

As a Songpreneurs member and career counseling / consulting client, Tim has worked the three pillars of our Songpreneurs system to create his initial momentum and success plan.

Working closely, we identified Tim’s natural brand as a person who not only recovered from substance abuse and addiction, but also went on to become a certified addiction counselor, helping others through the power of his example.

Next we focused on creating an extensive body of work over a few years time of quality songs and other content in a theme related to Tim’s target brand.

Then we looked at what materials he was putting out on his website and socials, and helped to streamline and fine tune his presentation to deliver a clear message of his brand to his audience.

When we began our recording phase, we carefully strategized which songs to take into the studio, and why, while developing content and monetization strategies for these building blocks at every stage.

“Every artist writer is different, and comes at the music from a different place, and for a different purpose,” says Amanda Colleen Williams, Songpreneurs Founder about her development curriculum.

“We don’t apply a one size fits all model to everyone, but we do apply principles, and that yields consistent results.”

Tim’s journey is just beginning now that our initial platform is preparing to launch.

You can follow Tim’s story and connect with him on his Sober Guy Blog.

Sober: Whiskey Memories Tim Seay CD Cover


Would you like to start your music career dream into motion?

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