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Songwriters Are Canaries in the Data Mine

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Songwriters earn less than one penny for use of their songs online, and in comparison, Google makes $10 per click on their ads.

Creative Workers are the canaries in the data mine

It makes sense for a big company like Geico to pay $10 per click on their ads, when you think of it as the cost of customer acquisition.

The value of a Geico customer could bring in thousands of dollars per year for every year moving forward if the company does a good job.

Watch this video of the Investors Podcast at 8:43 to hear Charlie Munger talk about Geico spending $10 per click on Google ads

When you think of the value of a song... how many people do you know who claim that a song or some other piece of art has actually saved their lives at some point?

What is the value of the contribution of that song to our well being?

And furthermore, what is the value of that song used by advertisers to track the activity of customers online?

Apparently someone thinks the value of a song is not much these days.

What do you think? Did a song save your life?

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