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How Many Hooks To Have A Hit

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Neil Diercks will be joining us as a guest instructor at this year's 8th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference teaching his "How Many Hooks To Have A Hit" workshop. Get your Class Pass or Full Conference Pass in the Shop >>

Neil Diercks instructor How Many Hooks

How Many Hooks to Have a Hit?

The word "hook" is often a loosely used term which can leave writers confused.

What exactly is a hook, and how many of them are needed in a hit song?

By listening to hits and examining them with a unique "color analysis" method, attendees will gain a deeper awareness of the different types and layers of hooks hit songs contain, how these hooks are arranged in a song, how many may be needed for a hit, and how to compose and craft your own hook in your songs incorporating these tools.


Neil Diercks

Neil Diercks is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, musician, song coach and international speaker. He served for many years in various capacities at Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., in Nashville, beginning as an intern, advancing to the creative staff, and later becoming Manager of A&R Activities. It was within this role that he worked with hit songwriters including Gary Burr, Steve Bogard, Stephony Smith, Jeff Stevens, and Victoria Shaw, who penned hits for artists such as Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Ricky Martin, and Christina Aguilera.

Diercks teaches multiple songwriting courses for Berklee College of Music’s online program and is the author of the college’s Collaborative Songwriting course. He is currently working on creating a definitive text on Co-writing that will help writers better understand and develop the varied creative, business and interpersonal abilities required for successful collaboration...a skill set he describes as “one of the most valuable and essential in all of songwriting.”

Through his relationships with multi-platinum selling hit songwriters Martin Sutton and Jeff Franzel, Diercks has been a guest lecturer at conferences, boot camps and workshops for The Songwriting Academy (London and New York)

Neil is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he studied songwriting, voice, and music business. Years later was asked by then President of the College, Lee Eliot Berk, to serve on Berklee’s Board of Trustee.

Diercks has won several awards for his teaching, including the UPCEA Excellence in Teaching award (2015); the Pearson Excellence In Online Teaching award (2015); The Berklee College of Music Distinguished Faculty Award for Berklee Online (2016). He currently collaborates with songwriters and artists in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Europe and around the globe.

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