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Writing for a Cause | May theme

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

tired of mixed messages... frustrated with your progress... time to write your heart out...

Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged and forget what’s really important as a songwriter.

mixed messages

We get these mixed messages all the time – streaming is bad, streaming is good… don’t write a drinking song, only write drinking songs… you can’t get a cut unless you write with the artist, etc.

So no wonder we get frustrated! Maybe we even feel like quitting writing all together…

But then we hear a melody on the radio, and it takes us back to a simpler time, and touches a chord deep inside… and we think, “Who am I kidding. I couldn’t quit if I tried.”

And that’s the way we know we’re really songwriters.

So this month, write about something that’s important to you. Speak your heart and your mind, and maybe, just maybe, make the world a little bit better of a place.

What will you write about?

Leave a comment on our Facebook page, or shoot us an email and let us know who you are and a little about you.

Are you a Songpreneurs member already? Download your May Action Pack and check out this week’s task on the Members Portal.


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Max Hutchinson and Amanda Colleen Williams

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