Don't Be Singing Meat: Insights from Trevecca University Songwriting Event

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Yesterday we attended a great talk at Trevecca University presented by songwriting instructor and Grammy nominated songwriter Kim McLean.

She interviewed Kent Blazy (“If Tomorrow Never Comes” Garth Brooks), Paul Worley (producer Martina McBride, Big and Rich, Lady Antebellum), and one of Paul’s new acts called Travelers about what’s happening in the Nashville music industry.

A few insights and take aways are:

  • 90s country music is coming back – think story songs, interesting melodies, and killer lyrics with hooks

  • Artists who don’t know who they are, or what their message should be are called “singing meat” by producers

  • Don’t be “singing meat” if you’re an artist – even if you're very young, at least have some idea of who you are, and what you want to say as your main message in your artistry

  • If you’re writing for what’s on the radio today, you’re already a year behind. Instead “follow the music” that’s in your heart, and write, write, write.

Thanks so much to Kim for inviting us.

What does this mean for songwriters? Leave your comments below.

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