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Who You Gonna Call? Artist Rights Symposium

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Songpreneurs just returned from the inaugural Artist Rights Symposium hosted by David Lowery of Terry College of Business Music Business Program at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. #ars2018

Rep Spencer Frye, David Lowery, Rep Doug Collins

The event featured a variety of perspectives on the issue of artist rights in the United States and abroad.

Songpreneurs was represented by several members and founder Amanda Colleen Williams, who delivered her specialty copyright explained in 2 minutes overview, and emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and stewardship in relation to copyright enforcement.

Law Enforcement Panel Artist Rights

She spoke on the Law Enforcement and Artists’ Rights panel along with Detective Superintendent Peter Ratcliffe, Police IP Crime Unit, City of London Police, Carlos Linares, VP Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs, Recording Industry Academy of America (RIAA), Ellen Siedler, filmmaker and blogger for Vox Indie, and Kevin Phelan, Senior Supervisory Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Songpreneurs Williams explains copyright in two minutes

Other discussion topics included Cultural Diplomacy, Anti-Trust, State and Federal Legislation, and Grassroots Advocacy.

Overall the event represented a diverse cross section of various viewpoints and specialties, and represented bipartisan, independent and major ideologies and interests.

Songpreneurs is a non-partisan, non-political educational organization whose programs educate about the craft and business of professional songwriting.

We are honored to have represented our group at this fine event, and wish to thank the organizers, participants and sponsors for inviting us to be part of it.


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