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Songpreneurs Make Opportunities for Success

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

This week at our Songpreneurs online meetup, we read from the Brand You workbook and discussed ways of expanding our musical pursuits to include innovative ways of making money in the new music business.

Brand Yourself Book

See, songwriters are facing a crisis right now. There are fewer professional songwriters than there were a few years ago, and the ones of us left standing have become entrepreneurial by necessity.

One person’s crisis can be another person’s opportunity, and as we have seen, there are more opportunities than ever for aspiring songwriters to work with and mentor under highly skilled professional songwriters and music business people in Nashville and other music industry centers.

The problem is that the opportunity for outside songs is not growing along with the access. In fact opportunities for outside songs are shrinking, not growing.

So while it’s easier than ever to work with professionals, it’s harder than ever to take the fruits of that collaboration to the marketplace.

That’s where Songpreneurs comes in. We teach songwriters to think of themselves as the creative businesses that they are, and to build a specialized skill set of both music publishing acumen and entrepreneurial know how to take problems and turn them into opportunities for business growth.

How are you doing with your songwriting and music business aspirations? Are you living up to your potential, and up to your dreams?

If you’re a true artist, your answer will be no. True artists look for every available opportunity to better them selves, and to double down on their creative output.

While money isn’t the bottom line in terms of value for the artist, it is certainly an important metric, and one that helps to separate the bull slingers from those who get the job done.

You have until the 15th of October to submit your application to join Songpreneurs this calendar year. We hope that you will heed the call of your artistic soul toward the excellence and mastery that your aspiration demands of you.

Our goal is to have 5 (five) members earning at least $100,000 from their musical and creative pursuits within the next two years. Will you be one of these?

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