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Digging the Data

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Event Recap and Insights from CRS Country Radio Seminar “Dicing the Data” presentation by Edison Research 2017

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Recently we attended CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville, and over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some insights about what we learned.

This first post is about the Edison Research presented at the event.

Radio station programmers use the data presented by Edison to determine, among other things, how to pick which songs are played on the radio.

As songwriters and music business people, it’s important for us to understand some of this ourselves so that we can stay one step ahead of our competition.

Here’s a look at a few of the highlights:

Of the time people spend on their mobile devices listening to music, 42% of people are listening to music they own, and 39% of people are streaming music.

78% of people admit to using their mobile phones in the bathroom, and 41% would even retrieve their phone from a port a potty if they dropped it.

78% of people use their mobile phone on the toilet

That shows just how important our phones are to us, and to what lengths we’ll go to keep them with us at all times.

That might make some people think that coming up with an app to help spread their music or specific artist would be a good thing.

But studies show that country music listeners only use about 14 apps daily, and that only 16% of apps are used after two uses. Most of the time, a consumer downloads an app, uses it once, and then deletes it.

It is very tough to get a consumer to use your specific app regularly.

A better technique might be to try to provide some kind of solution for your customer to help them do things they are already doing. This was the take away for many of the radio stations.

With this in mind, the presenters recommended starting by thinking of “the mobile human” and what they are doing.

mobile human

Many times, people are communicating with each other, listening to audio, playing games or watching videos.

80% of people use Facebook daily followed by 42% using Instagram, 34% on Snapchat, 25% on Pinterest, and 24% Twitter. People are also using Facebook Live to broadcast themselves, and 11% are broadcasting a video every day.

Some of the things we might see coming down the pike include more businesses using Facebook messenger to advertise to us, or get us engaged with them, and also “takeovers” where an advertiser can takeover your phone when you’re stopped at a traffic sign.

Knowing country listeners a little bit, we’re predicting that the “takeovers” might not be a great idea for most of these, but we’ll see how it goes.

For more insights and data, check out the Edison Research website including this post from earlier today about music discovery.

Apparently this is the first year where Friends and Family referrals take precedence over every other kind of media.

Good news for you if you have a good buzz going with your target fan base!

Check back next week for more songwriting and music business insights, and make sure you're opted in to the email newsletter.


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