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Why Songpreneurs?

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in how to do something that we forget to think about why.

Why Songpreneurs?

Songpreneurs developed in response to a need. The music industry has completely changed over the past 20 years, but one thing has stayed the same:

People still need great songs. If you write great songs, you are doing important work.

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Why Songpreneurs?

Songpreneurs are songwriters + entrepreneurs.

Not only do Songpreneurs do the work and daily practice of becoming master songwriters, but we also put in the effort to figure out how to solve problems with our music, much as entrepreneurs solve problems with their businesses.

Because of this mindset, Songpreneurs go deeper, harder, faster toward sustainable careers in the new music business.

We don’t chase trends, but we’re aware of them.

We don’t pay for opportunities, but we encounter and earn them through our education processes.

Music is Life

We don’t listen to critics who tell us our stuff is too _____ or ______ to work in the commercial marketplace. But rather, we identify and develop our own market place, while using our music to fuel our entrepreneurial endeavors.

It’s good for the soul, and for the music business as a whole.

Why Songpreneurs?

We're saving the world one song at a time.

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