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Songwriting Success Doesn’t Write Itself

How have you been spending your time these past few months?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been logging a lot of screen time, but with what results?

Sure, we all need to relax, escape and unwind, but at a certain point, it’s time to get busy.

“Doing what?” you ask.


You can be using this down time to work on something you never had time to work on before – your songwriting and creative artistry.

What’s holding you back?

Think you’re too old? To ugly? Too different to be a songwriter or an artist?

Maybe that used to be true, but with these crazy times and everything changing every day it seems, what can it hurt to spend a little time and have a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of your creativity?

At Songpreneurs Conference, we’ll be coming together for a long weekend a few hours a day to work on nothing but songwriting and music business entrepreneurship.

Through action packed, educational and entertaining sessions, we will work through many of those common challenges we all face. Things like:

· What the heck am I doing wrong? Or

· What can I do to make progress?

· How do I write better songs, faster? Or

· How do I get started writing a song? And while we’re at it…

· What’s the deal with cowriting?

We’ll look at specialized knowledge you need to know as a songwriter / self publisher – like

· What if someone likes my song and wants to record it?

· How do I give permission? and

· Where does the royalty money come from and how do I collect it?

We’ll talk about how songwriters make money in the business – either for personal profit to support yourself and your family, or to fund an organization or important cause, and

· How and why to develop your personal brand – even if you’re not an artist

If you tried to piece together this program yourself, you would spend hours chasing information online, researching and sifting through all the garbage trying to find quality training – and still it would be lacking the over 20 years of first hand experience I bring to the table, not just as a songwriter, but as a successful music publisher, and business owner.

I’ve been mentoring people just like you for over 10 years using our online platforms, and can tell you from personal experience that our principle based systems are effective in helping songwriters of all levels to get further ahead toward their goals.

Whether you’re just curious, or are thinking about moving to Nashville to chase your songwriting dream, give yourself a strong competitive advantage by signing up for and attending our 10th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference – this year presented as a virtual online event.

June 25 to 27 we’ll cover two sessions per day, and the video recordings of the sessions can be viewed for up to a month after the live sessions, so you can reinforce and review the work.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up to attend the 10th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference now at

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