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Songwriting Retreat Nashville

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A songwriting retreat in Nashville is a dream come true for some people. My dad was one of those hopeful dreamers from a small, country town, ears glued to the Grand Ole Opry and eyes set on the stars.

As his only child I watched him grow from disabled construction worker to aspiring songwriter to signed staff writer in Nashville to number one hit writing Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Member.

That journey didn't take as long as you might think, but then again, my dad put in extraordinary effort to accomplish all he did.

Songwriting retreats were a part of Dad's journey, and I remember how excited he was to go.

My mom and I would sometimes accompany him at these songwriter retreats, and got to know some of the other writers' families along the way, sparking life-long companions for all of us.

When Dad was signed to his first publishing deal at Tree International, now Sony Music, it was a family oriented operation. They hosted picnics in the park, Christmas parties, and other get togethers where family was welcome, and people got to know each other on a real level.

After all, songwriting with a partner is one of the most intimate activities a person can do.

Knowing that, smart music publishers encourage opportunities to get people together for mixing and mingling. On the business side of things, sales-people and aspiring leaders have no problem shaking hands and networking at regular functions.

But writers are typically cut from a slightly different cloth, and many are painfully shy or socially awkward, even to the point of having anxiety in public.

This is normal fare for songwriters and seasoned music publishers who understand the gentle, creative psyche and know how to nurture it.

When we started Hillbilly Culture Club in 2010 to supplement the work of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), we had no idea how much fun it would be to put on songwriter retreats of our own.

From the very first year, we created that same family centered community, and sure enough, some of our attendees' collaborations were recorded and independently released to radio right away.

Now as Songpreneurs LLC, we have seen that trend of cuts and releases continue, and life long friendships and collaborations continue to flourish from attending our Songwriter Retreats.

Some of our former attendees are now signed writers to various major and independent record companies and publishing houses, and naturally, our HQ group's success speaks for itself.

Instead of dangling a carrot of success, or holding up hoops for you to jump through, Songpreneurs method for developing writers is to encourage, nurture, and challenge you to push your talents to the next level.

We're not here to give you false hope or point you toward an impossible goal.

The Songpreneurs method is slow and steady, through applied discipline, daily training, and helping you to work on the right things at this particular stage in your development.

If you want to experience what it's like to work as a staff writer at a top producing music publishing house in Nashville, Tennessee, the Songpreneurs Songwriter Retreat is worth checking out.

At the Songpreneurs Songwriting Retreats we take a practical, hands on approach to your writing development.

Continuing education labs help you to build skill, and cowriting helps you to apply what you're learning, while nurturing mentoring gives you tools to meet your individual needs.

With our new model commercial focus, we're not only aiming at the Top 40 charts, but also at Folk Alliance, Texas touring artists, Canadian outlaw country, Avant Garde singer-songwriter, indie cuts, and of course major label / film television pitch sheets.

Sometimes the only commercial focus you want is toward your own unique brand, legacy or family project. Do you have a unique story to tell, and need skilled writers to help you do it?

Because our programs are principle based, all experience levels of writers are welcome to apply to the songwriter retreats.

As entrepreneurs, if we see need to add events or special skill building workshop curricula, we frequently do so, providing opportunities for learners to grow along their desired lines.

Would you like to provide a high quality Songwriting Retreat Nashville experience for your group? Is it time for your corporate outings, or team building program? Having burn out among your creative team, or lots of cliquey in-fighting in your organization?

Book your corporate Songwriting Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee with our skilled providers, and let us help to create lasting bonds among your group, as we have done for the past 30 years in the Nashville professional songwriting world and internationally.

"Amanda made a standout contribution to the seminar was in leading the audience of 30+ foreign copyright officials in writing their own songs as part of her Songpreneurs Songwriter Workshop. This workshop was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the week-long seminar program and was an amazing experience for the audience members to share with each other; it served as an excellent ice-breaker for the foreign government officials to get to know each other and collaborate on a fun activity on the first day of the seminar. I was impressed by the ease with which Amanda made personal connections with individuals who have very different backgrounds and have varying degrees of fluency in the English language. Amanda was a true standout among the many presenters at the seminar, and we would love to have her involvement in future USPTO educational programs! -Brian Yeh, USPTO Copyright Attorney


Apply to an upcoming Retreat and get involved with the Songpreneurs Leadership Community online here >>

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1 Comment

Jason Rector
Jason Rector
Jan 30, 2020

I love the Songpreneurs approach and passion, in providing solid stepping stones, that guide us to the best tools/materials, to build our own unique foundations with, from inside-out. This is a great example. You don't know how eager I am to participate...! Filling out the application now for the fall.

Wishing you guys the best, for next week!

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