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Getting Ahead of Google’s New Algorithm With Your Brand

In recent news, Google announced a change in its search engine algorithm and your brand is more important than ever.

As songwriter entrepreneurs, we know the value of having a strong, unique personal brand.

Your brand helps you to stand out from your friends who are also songwriters, and gives you what business people call a competitive advantage.

Songwriters and music artists don’t always think like regular business people, and most of us don’t like the idea of competition in relation to our music.

But any time you have commercial art forms, you always have the friction between art and commerce.

No where is that more apparent than in the world of commercial songwriting, where due to changing distribution models (aka digital streaming), the royalty profit margins are unsustainably low for most songwriters.

Because of this, Songpreneurs use entrepreneurial thinking to define their personal brand in a way that throws off additional income to supplement that pesky music habit.

The streaming numbers are in, and if you’re not doing something besides writing songs, you’re most likely not making a living right now.

Why not diversify into other areas, using your music like a “vertical” – which is precisely what tech companies do with music.

A vertical is a reference to the idea of vertical integration, a business practice where one company owns a piece of every step in a process.

Music is the vertical that connects lots of other areas of commerce, and makes things like advertising and marketing data collection seem less like surveillance and more like a game of getting to know your friends.

Right or wrong, and maybe both at the same time in some cases, music is an important part of our lives, and in the lives of millions of music lovers around the world.

Smart tech marketers know the value of your music in reaching a target customer and providing him or her with a quality, enjoyable and rewarding online experience.

Are you taking advantage of those same tools to grow your music business?

Learn more about the importance of defining your authentic brand in our Brand You Workbook.

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