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Everything is a remix

Everything is a remix

For a songwriter, everything is a remix.

red head woman playing drums in studio
Amanda Colleen Williams Remix - photo credit Pete Garfinkel

We write the tune, the melody and words - put it down and record it.

From that moment forward, everything is a remix.

Beat, hooks, oohs and aahs, whistles, claps, bells and bass, guitars, keys, strings, vocals - these are our paints, our costume wardrobe from which to choose our colors.

Production is a natural progression for any songwriter, and with the tools we have available, we can have a lot of fun playing dress up with our original song catalogs.

Have fun this week picking a song from your collection, and picking out new clothes to try on.

Producers all have different styles, but maybe start with a beat looped at the tempo of your choosing.

Lay down the melody and then start building hooks.

You may just find the remix hit of your original song catalog hiding in plain sight.

Post a comment and let us know what you’re working on. We love meeting new creative friends.


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