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Garth Brooks Is Breaking Records... Again

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Garth spoke with Jenna Bush Hager in NY for AOL's Build Series to discuss his Legacy Collection vinyl record release. Official Video Embedded here from Facebook link. Click through to watch on Facebook or here:

Garth Brooks is breaking records again.

This time by selling a record number of his vinyl Legacy Collection via preorder to fans in North America - 1 million units to be exact.

That's good news for songwriters who depend on mechanical royalties from album sales for their sustainable livelihoods.

In other headlines, Garth speaks out about the long-rumored gender inequality present in the country music marketplace.

Read these headlines and share your comments for discussion.

"Garth Brooks Sells More Than 1 Million Vinyl Records On Pre-Order" by Dana Feldman in Forbes published May 4, 2019. Link here:

"Garth Speaks Up About Gender Inequality" by Bobby Moore on The Boot published May 6, 2019. Link here:

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