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Songpreneurs Member Pete Garfinkel Signs World Wide Music Publishing Agreement With Hillbilly Gold

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Proof that hard work pays off, songwriter Pete Garfinkel inked a music publishing agreement with Hillbilly Gold (ASCAP) earlier in 2018.

Pete Garfinkel Songs of Substance songwriter

Image captured from Promotional Video filmed by Durand Robinson of Wildfire Communications.

Working within the Songpreneurs online community for several years, Pete began intensive career training, attending every Songwriter Retreat and Yearly Conference offered by the group.

“I started seeing results when I came to really understand the difference between writing for fun, and doing it professionally,” said Pete about his recent success.

“It’s true what they say. Opportunity comes disguised as hard work,” comments Pete when asked how he was able to land the publishing deal with Nashville based Hillbilly Gold, part of the Hillbilly Culture LLC family of publishing companies owned by Songpreneurs founder Amanda Colleen Williams.

“Through the Songpreneurs group structure, we are able to identify exceptional talent, and just as importantly, people who have the commitment and drive to work at songwriting as a business every day,” says Williams about her recent signings.

Not only a songwriter and developing performer, Pete brings unique experience as a former medical social worker to the writing table.

Image from Promotional video filmed by Durand Robinson of Wildfire Communications.

Working through the Songpreneurs model, Pete has developed a new website called Songs of Substance™ that combines songwriting and musical artistry with community service, helping care givers, doctors, educators, and patients better understand the complex issues that underlie typical problems including elderly poverty, rural specific issues, marginalization, domestic abuse, and veterans’ affairs.

Teaming up with peers in his signing group, Pete has already had two songs recorded including “Blue Collar Bar” by Tim Seay on his recent release Sober: Whiskey Memories, and “Not For Glory” released as a Veteran’s Day Tribute by Texas new traditional artist Taylor Lewis.

Taylor Lewis artist Texas

Additional songs are being recorded and pitched through Hillbilly Gold, including more Songs of Substance™, traditional country, country-pop, Americana, folk, and a growing catalog of dance songs for pitching and synch placements.

“The future looks bright for songwriters since the recent unanimous passing of the Music Modernization Act into law in the United States. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of success for Pete, and the other writers at our Hillbilly Culture family of companies,” said a company spokesperson for Hillbilly Gold.

Connect with Pete on his Songs of Substance™ website to book him for a speaking engagement at your community organization, school or hospital. Send song catalog pitch requests, co-writing scheduling and other queries here.

Taylor Lewis new traditional Texas artist

Here is Pete's new promotional video:

Pete's promotional video recorded by Durand Robinson of Wildfire Communications

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