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Songwriting Tip: Fly Your Flag

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

One of the reasons songwriters are so well loved is because of their unique quirkiness.

Silly picture from songwriter retreat

Image is from the Feb. 2017 Songpreneurs Songwriter Retreat

Think about it – the more unique your point of view, the better you’ll be at spitting out images that are surprising and interesting to your audience.

But sometimes in songwriting sessions we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect that we miss the best lines.

Instead of sitting silently by yourself or having an uncomfortable co-stare with your co-writer, try opening up and letting those quirky or bizarre ideas come out of your mouth.

Holding back won’t accomplish anything. In the songwriting world, your quirkiness is often a key to locked doors.

Even if you spit out a really stupid line, your co-writer might leap on it and change a few words around to give you that perfect line you’re trying for.

Or if you’re writing solo, record yourself spouting your gibberish and listen back. You might hear something you didn’t say, and find a great line in there you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

So be brave. Be bold. And let that freak flag fly high in your songwriting adventures.

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