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Pitch Etiquette

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sometimes one of our members asks a great question. Here’s one about song pitching with the answer from the Songpreneurs perspective -

Question: I just pitched a few songs to an artist at his request. Now my co-writer’s song plugger has asked to pitch the song. What’s the best thing to do?


You already pitched the song to an artist, so give him two weeks to listen and then follow up.

In the meantime, let your co-writer’s plugger pitch the song, and let her know that you already pitched it to Artist X.

Depending on your co-writer’s agreement, the plugger could get a bonus for getting the song cut, so it’s important to know who pitched the song first in some cases.

Most of the time, though it doesn’t hurt to double pitch the same song, and can even help make the song more familiar and desirable in some cases as long as no one’s bonus is in jeopardy.

When you follow up with the first artist pitch in two weeks, you can mention that the song is also being pitched around by your cowriter’s plugger, and let him know that you like his work and as a courtesy want to give him a heads up.

That could incentivize him to give the song a closer listen.

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