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Brand You Camp Event Recap

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Brand You Camp Songpreneurs February 2017 Session

February 5-8, 2017 marked the first Brand You Camp for Songpreneurs in Nashville, TN.

This three-month transformative experience helped six songwriters develop their unique Brand and Branding Statements, along with website and product development.

Attendees came away with a layout for their unique product launches including prototypes, website design, and critical path design.

Stay tuned for updates from these six attendees.

Brand You Camp Product Image

The first websites are already up and ready for visitors as the songwriter entrepreneurs hone their unique visions, and build their audiences.

The sites are still under development, but you can check up on their progress over the coming months and get involved in their transformation.

Check the newsletter and calendar in coming months for your opportunity to apply for the next Brand You Camp.

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