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Frequently Asked Questions is a new website, but we're not new to the songwriting world.  Most of the frequently asked questions are answered below.  Still have a question?  Send us a message on the Contact page.

 01  What is Songpreneurs?

Songpreneurs is the online home for the songwriting, music business and entrepreneurship community, resources, products and services developed by 8x platinum selling, Grammy nominated song co-writer Amanda Colleen Williams through Songpreneurs LLC.

 02  I'm a former member of the SMB Community.  Do I have an online profile here at the new Songpreneurs site?

Yes.  All SMB Community Members in good standing received a notice prior to the shutting down of the SongwritingandMusicBusiness dot com website letting you choose a few options for the application of your membership credit.  Didn't receive a notice?  Send us a message through the contact page for your options.




 03  How long has Songpreneurs been active?

Songpreneurs began serving songwriters and music business entrepreneurs in December 2010 as the Hillbilly Culture Club.



 04  I'm a professional songwriter looking for continuing education.  Can Songpreneurs help?

Yes.  Our principle based resources allow you to apply our lesson plans to whatever skill level you current have.  Learn new techniques for enhancing creativity, new model music industry techniques, and more for advanced songwriters here.




 05  I'm a beginner.  Can Songpreneurs help me?

Sure.  Even though Songpreneurs is designed for serious songwriters, we all have to start somewhere.  Because our programs are principle based, you can get started right away and build your skill sets right way from the beginning of your songwriting journey without wasting time and steps.

 06  I'm the parent, spouse or support person for a songwriter.  Can Songpreneurs help me?

Yes.  We have been working with families of songwriters for decades, and understand the challenges you face trying to help your loved one.  We have programs and resources to help you connect with the information you need to help your special songwriter get the opportunities he or she deserves.

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