10,000 Hours to Mastery Q1 2020

Life balancing skills and time management for creative entrepreneurs

Course Description: 

In this course, students will work through a series of principle-based exercises weekly to determine their best strategy forward to achieve their creative business goals.


Beginning with proven, principle-based time management techniques, and self-evaluation, students will complete the 8-week course with a written plan of action with monthly, weekly and daily checkpoints to keep even the busiest person on track for success.

Questions Addressed By The Course: 

  • How can I make more time for my creative work?

  • What should I be working on to make progress with my creative career goals?

  • How do I balance family, work and my creativity?

  • How can I do everything without burning out?

  • How can I stay motivated?

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Syllabus Q1
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Recommended Reading

The Ultimate Sales Machine

by: Chet Holmes

10,000 Hours to Mastery 

utilizes core reading from Chet Holmes' book to underscore the importance of time management for effective business leaders.

Disclosure: Songpreneurs receives commission on sales.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

by: Stephen R. Covey

10,000 Hours to Mastery utilizes

recommended reading from Covey's classic business book for our forum discussions in this course.

Disclosure: Songpreneurs receives commission on sales.

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