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March is spring break month –

Time to tend the garden and work on what we learned in Q1.

And what was that exactly, might you ask?

In Write Brain Business™ we worked together each week on a core business task with step by step instructions and pro business template tools for professional songwriters and music publishers.

Everything from catalog management, check lists for what steps to take when you’re registering your song or self releasing on the internet, and at Songpreneurs we don’t stop there...

At Songpreneurs an innovator and educator in the marketplace, we take it a step further and share core business essential insights only two generations of hit songwriter professionals could pass along.

Practical tasks, strategy guidance, how to guides, and best of all, the new and improved Songpreneurs forum is a place to enjoy fellowship and partake in daily, moderated discussion about all things songwriting and music business related.

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It’s not uncommon for people to meet best friends, lifelong collaborators, and even spouses through our extended community network.

My dad used to say that before he first started coming to Nashville to pursue his songwriting, he always felt like an alien.

He meant that even in East Tennessee, with its strong songwriting tradition, he felt isolated because of the way he thought about the world through his struggling to be a songwriter eyes.

Nashville with its welcoming, quirky and creative culture helped him to feel more at home in his skin, not an easy task for him, especially.

Having been burned on over 70% of his body in an industrial fire in 1974, my dad’s move to Nashville helped him to reclaim some of his lost dignity from being labeled “disabled” after the debilitating accident.

He was burned in ’74, had me in ’77 and his first hit song was in 1989 with Joe Diffie’s “If the Devil Danced In Empty Pockets” (words and music Ken Spooner and Kim Williams copyright Sony Music Publishing.)

I got to watch him work his tail off to achieve his songwriting dreams, between the time when he really started to pursue his music seriously (in the early 80s) to being inducted into the Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

He was so proud of his success, and of mine, his only child following in his footsteps with my own pro songwriting career highlights:

  • “Beer Run” Garth Brooks and George Jones duet nominated for a Grammy,

  • “She’s Tired of Boys” written with Garth Brooks, and

  • “I Can Be Me With You” written with Benita Hill, and recorded by Garth Brooks for his Fun album.

Playlist of selected Amanda Colleen Williams songwriter credits

Even among family and spouses who love you dearly, it takes a songwriter to really get another songwriter.

Our Songpreneurs programs are designed for the active adult professional who is working full time – on your songwriting, or at a day job.

Unlike academic programs, ours are designed to be step by step, practical ways for you to enter the pro songwriter market place in the most professional and innovative way.

Using our proprietary Songpreneurs curriculum makes you part of an elite group who have applied our methods to great successful benefit including:

  • U.S. Department of State Bureau of Education; Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs in cooperation with Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement – Arts Envoy IPR Program

  • U.S.P.T.O. (United States Patent and Trademark Office) Copyright Seminar

  • America’s Small Business Development Centers Annual Conference

  • U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world

  • SCORE – a service branch of the United States Small Business Administration SBA

  • Americana Music Association Annual Conference

  • Dozens of career professionals working in all walks of the music industry signed to major and major distributed record labels and publishing houses

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