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How To Make Daily Writing a Habit While Strengthening Your Brand

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

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Songwriters How To Make Daily Writing a Habit While Strengthening Your Brand

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If you are one of the majority of people who do other things besides write songs all day, you may struggle to find time to write regularly.

Everyone says that daily writing is the key to unlocking your full potential as a writer, and you don't doubt it's true.

But with day jobs, families, exercise and meals, and general running around, daily writing time can be one of the hardest luxuries to come by.

What if you could start making daily writing a habit, while increasing your unique artistic brand at the same time? Would you be interested in learning how?

Read on...

Using Keywords For Creative Writing Prompts

Keywords key

By now most of us are familiar with a thing called keywords. Keywords are just that... they're key words you use a lot when you're writing.

If you're a writer, you're probably familiar with keywords, but you may not call them that.

For you, your keywords might be themes, common topics you like writing about, things that interest you that come up again and again in your writing and conversations.

Maybe you're an adventure junkie and constantly write about action movies, fast sports, and dangerous camping conditions.

Or maybe you're a nature lover and write poems about the flora and fauna in your local area.

Whatever your thing is, you can probably narrow down your most common qualities to six or seven things you're all about.

Maybe you need the help of trusted friend or advisor to help you have the confidence of decision making that you need to figure out just what those 6 things are, but let's give it a go and do this exercise now together.

Songpreneurs Members - click through here to download a leadership mind map to help you do this exercise.


Exercise: Start a Daily Writing Habit Using Your Brand Keywords

1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper and write "I am all about" in the middle.

2. Do a mind map brainstorm of all the words that you think about when you say these words out loud: "I am all about..."

Let your imagination run wild and write down, or have a friend write down, everything you say. You might need to record yourself and speak this part out loud. Then go back and listen to what you said, writing down each idea in a mind map bubble.

3. Choose 6 or 7 topics you like best from your mind map

4. Assign each topic to a specific day of the week.

[Example - Sunday - spirituality, Monday - red head, Tuesday - guitar, Wednesday - beauty, Thursday - adventure, Friday - cooking, Saturday - family]

5. Each day write one to two pages only about your topic for the day.

Do not allow yourself to write more than three pages on each day for this assignment. This way, you will keep doing it and each day the pages will add up.

Purpose for the exercise:

  • To encourage daily writing discipline

  • To promote writing practice skill building

  • To create content related to your brand

  • To generate ideas for songs


Don't feel like you have to publish your daily writing. It can be an exercise you do for yourself to help provide you with some much needed creative self expression.

But if you are a Songpreneurs Leadership Community member, feel free to post your daily page on the monthly Forum for comments and feedback encouragement.

Not a member? You can still let us know you're doing the daily writing exercises! You can connect with us on our socials Facebook Twitter Instagram or drop us a line via email to HQ here.

Looking forward to hearing how it's going!

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